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Single Kart trailer- 4'x8' Harbor freight folding, 12" tires.700 - 800 lbs loaded.

The trailer is 5' wide by 8' long. 3' tall sloping down to 18" . The 3' portion is 4' from the rear towards the front.            

I raised the floor so I could go to 5' wide. I used the holders for                                                  

the side rails to attach the 2x4's to. I notched (cut halfway through

each board) the middle cross beams for support and extended the ends

of the framing to 5'.

The deck is 3/4" pressure treated plywood. The sides, back door and

front are 3/4" A/C plywood and the top is 1/2" A/C plywood. The shelf

inside is 1/2" 7 layer cabinet grade plywood for it's rigidity.

The rear door  folds over on to the top. and vents are installed on back doors at top.

front door folds back and has closed cell insulation installed to keep out water.

Top seam is calked and covered with a piece of  st.steel. front lip is also st.steel

This support (middle cross beams above) has both 2x4's notched for added support

Hinge extensions allow the deck will fold up without the enclosure installed.

The flap on the shelf  is on a piano hinge and folds up when loading kart.
 It gives strength to the shelf when folded down.


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